Graphene Star - EMF Shielding Paint

50 MHz - 7 GHz, the signal attenuation was up to -52 DB (99.999% effective)

The company Graphene Star Ltd has developed a graphene shielding coating based on acrylic water dispersions and SBR. The coating does not contain metal particles, high electrical conductivity and shielding effect are provided by a high content of graphene GS-030, up to 35% by weigh t.The coating is applied to any surface with a brush or roller.

The tests of the company's shielding coating showed high efficiency: in the range of 50 MHz - 7 GHz, the signal attenuation was up to -52 DB.

The coating has elasticity and can be painted in any colour. The company sees the application of its product in the shielding of residential premises from EMR, protection of electronics and electrical equipment from spurious electromagnetic radiation and radar protection technologies.

Weight Price
Graphene Star EMR Shielding Paint - 1 litreGraphene Star 1 1.6 kg £30.47
Graphene Star EMR Shielding Paint - 4 litreGraphene Star 4 6.5 kg £114.75

Technical Specification

Material Carbon 1-50%, Acrylic water dispersion 50-99%
Handling Store between 5°C (41°F) and 35°C (95°F)
Coverage Interior - 7.4 m2/l ~ Exterior - 5 m2/l
Use of substance Conductive Coating for EMI, EMR shielding
Handling and processing Easy application. All paints are best applied with a paint roller.
Corrosion resistance paints are chemically stable and permanently corrosion-free, even in damp environment.
Emissions VOC / PAH Our coating does not contain volatile substances or any other harmful substances.
Preservation Our coverage is carbon only. We use acrylic primer Leyland, which is used for painting walls in residential premises and has all the necessary safety certificates.
Sustainability Our coating was tested in the range up to 10 Thz with attenuation up to 65 dB
Grounding: Must be grounded! We recommend interior the Grounding Strap EB2 plus Grounding Plate GW, with Grounding Cable GC-200 Plugged into Grounding Plate Tube-GT/Attach to copper heating pipes or Grounding Plug GP - (German & French) also available: 3 Pin (UK) Earth Plug
Delivery Time: Usually between 2 - 3 business days

Available in UK ONLY

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