Fleece-HNV80/HF+LF Shielding/Multiple Apps

Universal usage for all interior applications.

HNV80 is a metalized special-fleece for the protection against high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency (LF) electric fields. This professional product is typically used for bugging protection, banking houses, laboratories, etc.
Now available for private use! Typical applications are for interior, preferably loosely laid or for stapling in drywall constructions , etc.

Weight Price
Metallized nylon fleece HNV80/metres/width 100cm HNV80-LM 0.12 kg £17.68
20m RollHNV80-20 2.4 kg £317.01

Technical Specification

Width: 100cm.
Length: 1 metre, available by the running metre. Also 20 metre roll available.
You can also order this product in measurements of your choice. For example:- 4.6 linear metres!
This product is cut off a large roll according to customer specifications. A return is not possible!
Attenuation: 80 dB at 1 GHz, two-layers 127 dB
Weight: 85 g/m².
Colour: Anthracite/Brown.
Material thickness: 0.15mm.
Tensile strength: Very good in both directions.
Materials: Nylon, copper, nickel.
Attenuation: tested according to MIL-STD 285 (see diagram)
Conductive surface: Can be grounded to shield LF electric fields.
Delivery Time: 3 working days

Because of formation of wrinkles, bonding on walls with a glue is not recommended, better to use HNG80 or HNG100 instead! Best usage for HNV80 is loosely laid under floor coverings, behind wall systems, etc. further for stapling in drywall constructions.

Due to the highly conductive surface this material can be contacted and grounded easy to shield low frequency (LF) electric fields.
For professional grounding we recommend our Grounding plate Magnet - GM, in combination with Grounding cable GC-200 Plugged into Grounding plate Tube-GT/Attach to Heating Pipes for loose laying application, or our perforated stainless steel tape ELB for application in drywall constructions. For adhesion to walls use our Grounding plate Wall - GW with grounding strap EB-1 in combination with our dispersion glue DK90. Also available: 3 pin UK earth plug

Shielding attenuation:
The shielding attenuation is regularly tested in our own EMC laboratory. We have measurement setups due to the following standards: ASTM D4935-10, IEEE Std 299-2006, IEEEE Std 1128-1998, ASTM A698/A698M-07. You'll find the PDF test report above on this page.

Customer Reviews

HNV-80 fleece
Reviewed by Dr. Tahl Holtzman from Cambridge University

HNV-80 fleece was an ideal choice to shield sensitive scientific intruments from interference. The fleece is light-weight, easy to manipulate and cut, thus it is ideal for covering un-even or odd-shaped items. Sections of fleece can be easily joined together with conductive-adhesive tape.

May 2010