EMF Surveys

Why have an electromagnetic survey?

Having a survey is probably the quickest way of using the expertise of a qualified, experienced professional to give you practical and effective ways of reducing electrosmog exposure significantly, and importantly - tailored to your lifestyle, situation and budget.

Many people are now concerned about the levels electrosmog they are exposed to. Many have identified the symptoms of electrosensitivity and want to reduce their exposure. Others want to take precautions to protect their loved ones. Many studies show that electrosmog can slow the healing process and the effectiveness of medical and complementary medical treatments. There are, however, many ways to reduce our exposure with practical everyday solutions.

When selecting a surveyor make sure they are qualified, experienced and have good references.

Here is a checklist of the things that a survey should include:

  1. radio/microwave fields (mobiles, cordless phones, wifi, cellmasts)
  2. 'dirty' electricity (transient variations in the voltage and frequency of the mains)
  3. earth live and neutral being connected and RCDs fitted, and other common electrical faults
  4. extra low frequency electric and magnetic fields
  5. geomagnetic anomalies especially in mattresses
  6. geopathic stress
  7. induced body voltages and effectiveness of earthed sheets
  8. Many readings taken with the correct equipment (meters)
  9. recommendations made specific to your situation should be made.
  10. Beware of them being too cheap or done remotely. If at all feasible they should be done on site.
  11. The surveys will not be cheap but could save you considerable time and money.
  12. Professioanl indemnity insurance

To book a survey for the UK, please contact Beneficial Environments