Cruz Case for Iphones

Cruz Case for Iphones
Block cell phone radiation to your head and body!

"Blocks The Microwave Signals Directed Toward Your Head And Body Without Affecting The Signal To The Cell Tower."

Simply snap your phone into the dent resistant bumper cradle. Flip the Cruz Case lid open to received calls, then close back into protective mode. Talk and listen right through the beautifully designed Cruz Case lid with perfect clarity,.

The attractive and stylish Cruz Case technology provides up to 60dB at cell phone frequencies. Patent pending design does not affect the signal to the cell tower. Ultra-slim design also provides scratch protection for the display and helps keep the screen clean. Keeps you phone looking new.

Weight Price
CRUZ CASE IPhone 5/5s Zebra Graffitiip5/5s ZEB 0.02 kg £43.33
CRUZ CASE IPhone 5/5s Zebra Graffiti Zebra Graffiti brings a little more fun each time you use your cell phone.
CRUZ CASE IPhone 6/6s Red Wineip6/6s RW 0.02 kg £43.33
CRUZ CASE IPhone 6/6s Red Wine Red Wine is a soft classic brushed metallic finish. This case gets attention.

Technical Specification

Smartphone models: IPhone 5/5S/5se & 6,6S

Maximum Protection from Cell Phone Radiation
Custom Fit Flip Phone Cases
Reflects back the powerful radio signals directed to head and body.
Multiple colours to choose from. Enjoy a different case for every occasion.
360 degree drop protection to your phone.
Privacy guard for incoming calls and texts.
Credit Card holder support 2 cards.
Quick flip open/close lid for easy phone access.
Display Screen protection.
Superior dent resistant silicone bumper guard.
Scratch screen protection.
Upgraded construction high quality durable phone case.
Slips into and out of your pockets easily.
Dirt resistance cover and liner.
Protective RFID blocker.
Hidden Magnetic Flip Lid help to keep lid closed.
Always keep the Cruz Case flip lib between you and your phone.
Ages: Anyone using a mobile phone. Friends and family. Men and Women. Boys and girls.
Protection without changing how you use your phone

Colours: Black/Zebra/Wine.

Delivery Time: Usually between 2 - 3 working days

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