Smartphone - Shielding Purse

Double layered, anti radiation body protection (When phone is placed in outer pocket of purse and carried inside clothing the body is Protected).

Can still take calls when the phone is in the outer inner pocket of the purse. User will be able to hear and the microphone will pick up voice through the purse cover and inner protecting material.

Complete signal stoppage (When phone is inserted inside innermost pocket of purse).

Weight Price

Technical Specification

Materials: Soft Faux leather outer cover with velcro fastener & intergrated metal weave fabric

Outer inner pocket is for head/body protection
Anti-radiation layer of intergrated metal weave fabric. Can still take calls & data!

Anti signal - innermost pocket,
Inserted in here the Smartphone will be unable to
receive a signal/call when inside this innermost pocket of intergrated metal weave fabric.
Purse dimensions: 16cms x 10.5cms

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